BlitzWolf BW-FYE8 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones – 13/12/2019

True Wireless earphones are a relatively new category of accessories growing in popularity fast. And these earbuds from BlitzWolf are some of the most affordable ones around. They cost around Rs 2,670 with a discount. Key features - TWS earphone uses the QCC3020 BT5.0 chip and graphene-coated drives. Intuitive touch control, Dual-channel synchronous transmission, Supports multipoint connection (Connect with two Bluetooth devices).  



Lenovo bluetooth Magnetic Neckband Headphones – 15/11/2019

It's usually hard to find good wireless neckband earphones at the Rs 1,000 mark,  however, this Lenovo model is a decent quality that has a good feature set such as Bluetooth 5.0, CVC noise cancelling, IPX5 water resistance and 8 hours of continuous use. Use the code below to avail the discount. Code: BGLNbH

2,022.00 945.00


Huawei Zink® Pocket Photo Printer – 15/11/2019

This is a wallet-sized photo printer that doesn’t use ink cartridges but instead requires Zink® sticky-back photo papers. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGafc276 (Available From Nov. 8th – Nov. 30th)

6,460.00 4,042.00

Xiaomi 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse 2 – 15/11/2019

Xiaomi just recently announced this new iteration of its mouse and it’s available for sale on Banggood now.



NILLKIN Frosted Shield PC Hard Back Case for Redmi Note 8 Pro – 14/11/2019

There aren’t many good cases for the Redmi Note 8 Pro right now and this is a very good quality hard case from Nillkin. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDANILLKIN (Available From Nov. 10th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

791.00 570.00


Xiaomi AirDots Pro TWS True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone – 13/11/2019

This is Xiaomi’s iteration of affordable AirPods. They’re on a massive discount of around Rs 2,400 with the coupon mentioned below. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAXMTWS (Available From Nov. 8th 11:30 am  – Nov. 15th 11:30 am)

6,095.00 3,640.00


Bakeey 360º Protective Case For OnePlus 6 – 13/11/2019

Since the OnePlus 6 is a full glass build, it would be wise to have a full body guard on it. This one is a 360-degree protective case. It's available in three colours - Red, Silver, Black. It sells for Rs 1,187 but can be purchased for Rs 927 with the coupon discount.  XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDABakeey5 (Available From Nov. 8th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

1,187.00 927.00


Bakeey 360º Protective Case For OnePlus 7 Pro

There are a lot of cases for the in-demand OnePlus 7 Pro flagship but this one is a rare double-sided case with a curved design. The usual retail price is Rs 1305 but you can get it for Rs 1,070.  XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDABakeey4 (Available From Nov. 8th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

1,305.00 1,070.00


BlitzWolf® BW-P10 10000mAh QC3.0 PD18W Power Bank 13/11/2019

This BlitzWolf battery pack is similar to the Xiaomi wireless power bank (which is now out of stock) with good features.  XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDABW (Available From Nov. 10th 11:30 am  – Nov. 13th 11:30 am)

1,915.00 1,427.00


Amazfit GTR 47MM AMOLED Smart Watch – 13/11/2019

The Amazfit GTR was just recently launched in India. However, it's out of stock on Flipkart. Its sale price is Rs 9,849 at Banggood while the India price is Rs 10,999. Use the below coupon. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAAmazfit (Available From Nov. 9th 11:30 am  – Nov. 13th 11:30 am)

10,999.00 9,850.00


QIN Full Screen 4G Phone from Xiaomi – 12/11/2019

This QIN smartphone is a slightly upgraded version of the first QIN device that was crowdfunded recently on the Youpin platform. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAYoupin (Available From Nov. 9th 11:30 am  – Nov. 15th 11:30 am)

8,993.00 7,138.00


Yeelight 2M Smart RGB LED Strip Light – 12/11/2019

The Yeelight Aurora is a 2M light strip that can be extended to 10M via extensions. It retails for ₹2,854.49 but is discounted for now with the below coupon. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAYeelight (Available From Nov. 10th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

2,854.00 2,141.00


Xiaomi Multi-port + USB Type-C 60W Charger – 12/11/2019

This is a 5x port + USB Type-C charger from Xiaomi. This isn’t sold outside of China and can be bought for ₹3,308.46 without the coupon. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDAXMQC1 (Available From Nov. 10th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)    

3,308.00 2,069.00


Bakeey Armor Case For Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 – 12/11/2019

This case is similar to the one we recommended for the Redmi K20 as is the discount. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDABakeey3 (Available From Nov. 8th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

439.00 356.00

Xiaomi VH 420ML USB Desktop Humidifier – 12/11/2019

This is an ultra-portable air humidifier from Xiaomi. It’s available at a steal price of Rs 720 during the ongoing flash sale. The sale ends in one day.



Bakeey Armor Case for Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro – 12/11/2019

This is a rugged case for the Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro and also has a magnetic cardholder at the back and can also double up as a stand. It’s available in Gray, Black, and Red. XDA Exclusive Coupon Code: BGXDABakeey2 (Available From Nov. 9th 11:30 am  – Nov. 14th 11:30 am)

434.00 356.00